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Originally Posted by Crystallas
The guy that I want. The rest... meh, not bad, not really a long term solution. Dunleavy is okay too, but despite being a coaches son, he needs a lot of coaching and doesn't have a Thibs type of IQ on defense.

Agree with Garcia.

I've had a man-crush on him for a long, long time (as a player). I love him, I want him on the Bulls, but I'd rather get Thornton, a more proven scorer. Garcia can shoot and defend, which is incredible, but we badly need a scorer to play opposite Rose.

Honestly, everyone but jls (I think?) has ignored my Kings trade idea...

Boozer, Deng, and a pick (ours or Charlotte's, I don't care)


Cousins, Thornton, Jimmer, Salmons, Hayes (last 2 are needed for salary)

Bulls get shooting, scoring, post defense, and my choice for the next superstar IF he can get his head on right.
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