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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by Nevaeh
Just picked this game up on sale about 2 weeks ago. And yes, this is one of those "decision making" games that I really enjoy, along the lines of the Mass Effect series, and Alpha Protocol. The atmosphere is truly awesome, but like Protocol, you really have to focus on the plot, because it's so dependent on the moves that you make, and how you interact with people.

Yes, I know the combat's not perfect, and it doesn't do the "over the top" thing that Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy do, but it does offer intrigue and "maturity" to the Role playing game world to help balance out the genre. Plus, the Main Character looks like a grown ass man (with beard) and not a "conflicted" 20 yr old "metro" who's full of "angst" during the whole game.

Yeah, I think the best part of the game was the writing by the developers. The dialogue was good, the plot was well-written and reactive to your decisions, and the story posed extremely interesting philosophical questions. I wasn't as emotionally engaged in the game as I was with other RPG-style games but I was probably more intellectually engaged because of the underlying story.
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