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Originally Posted by Maniak
This is really an interesting read and you've got a lot of good things to say, Thorpe.

I'm really hoping Cleveland reaches for Porter and the Magic get high on Burke, which would end up leaving the Suns with one of McL or Oladipo. However I don't really see the Burke thing happening anymore and I feel like the Suns will be left with Bennett or Len if they choose to stay at #5. I haven't heard about if Bennett has worked out with Charlotte yet or not but I think they're the team to take him above the Suns if it were to happen. I thought it may be the Wizards at first but I feel like they'll end up with Porter.

The thing I really like about this draft is the fact that the top 5 isn't truly set in stone, and I feel like it will really be worth the watch. With lots of high pick teams possibly looking for a trade it really opens things up for a more exciting night where anything could happen. There hasn't been a draft where the #1 pick isn't more or less set in stone in several years and I think that's what makes this year exciting. I hope we aren't let down and it isn't as quiet as this year's trade deadline.

I totally agree. This is the most mobile draft I can remember. Usually things tier out, where even if you don't know where they'll go exactly, you sort of know these five players are gonna go in some order 4-9, or These are the top three in some order. That feels less the case in this draft than any I can recall. The range players can fall in is crazy. Like I could see Len going anywhere from 4 to 16. And the foreign guys are all over the place.
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