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Originally Posted by Rose
I don't think this works out well for either team. I'll start with the Kings.
1. They're getting a new smarter GM. Be it Kenny Smith, a Spurs assistant GM, or that guy from Boston. They're getting one.
2. I don't think they'd want Boozer or Deng. They'd need to really pay Deng for him to stay in a non-contention situation. Whereas he could next offseason hop on a team like Cleveland, and be on a top 4 squad in the east. (potentially). Boozer makes way too much even for a rebuilding team that wants wins.
3. They're giving up good players (Hayes, Thornton) a player who could be great (Cousins), and a bad contract and a non-factor in the NBA if he can't score. For a slightly overpaid guy, and a drastically overpaid guy who really wouldn't be a leader in that locker room. Unlike Chuck Hayes.

Bulls: Cousins under Thibs could go really really really well, or really really really really really really really bad. I believe in the guy, but I think Thibs is too hard of a coach for him to work with. Maybe, but I wouldn't risk it. Thornton doesn't play defense, maybe he could be coached into it. And the rest wouldn't see playing time unless an injury occured, lol, and so I won't go into detail on them.

Now if we sweetened the deal with Mirotic, Butler, Taj instead of Boozer, charlotte pick? Something...maybe. But I'd much rather call up Minnesota first and see what we'd need to give up for Kevin Love.

Fair points. I definitely see where you're coming from, in terms of what Sac would be giving up. I just look at their roster and see a bunch of "Me" players, and think that a few really talented "We" players, with playoff pedigree, could really take them places. Thomas, Evans, Deng, Boozer, Thompson is not a bad starting 5, then add in their pick this year and the Charlotte pick and that's not a bad starting spot.

And I don't really see why so many Bulls fans want Love. He's a great, great player, make no mistake... but the Bulls are already a jump shooting team. Need 3p shooting (which Love admittedly brings) and a post game. Does Love have a post game and I, because I don't watch many games, don't realize this? He strikes me more as a Toronto-Bosh with better rebounding (not an insult. Just a play-style comparison)
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