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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by GOBB
How does Theon piss if his wang is sliced off?
They would usually put a splint in the urethra to keep it from healing over. They also would give them a lot of wine and that would make them pee all the time so that the hole wouldn't heal over.

In addition: according to a book written by a woman whose grandmother lived in a harem, after the hole finally healed, eunuchs carried a small thin straw in their turbans which they would insert for urination.

Many young boys died in the process of making eunuchs. A sword would be heated red hot and the genitalia would be cut off with it. The area would be cauterized by the sword, of course. Then after a splint was inserted, the wound would be covered with animal dung in an attempt to heal it.

Throughout history, of course there have been other methods, all painful in the extreme.

Except as part of transgender surgery (which restructures the urinary flow), simple castration does not involve the *****, but only the testicles. Even these may not be removed in the process, merely rendered incapable of providing sperm or continuing the production of male hormones.

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