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Originally Posted by kshutts1
Fair points. I definitely see where you're coming from, in terms of what Sac would be giving up. I just look at their roster and see a bunch of "Me" players, and think that a few really talented "We" players, with playoff pedigree, could really take them places. Thomas, Evans, Deng, Boozer, Thompson is not a bad starting 5, then add in their pick this year and the Charlotte pick and that's not a bad starting spot.

And I don't really see why so many Bulls fans want Love. He's a great, great player, make no mistake... but the Bulls are already a jump shooting team. Need 3p shooting (which Love admittedly brings) and a post game. Does Love have a post game and I, because I don't watch many games, don't realize this? He strikes me more as a Toronto-Bosh with better rebounding (not an insult. Just a play-style comparison)
Here's why: a terrific rebounder, somewhat of a hustler, great from anywhere on the court, some good post moves, he's not a great post player, but in this NBA you don't have to be. But he definitely has moves down there. Sweet passer which seems to be a great thing for our offense. He just doesn't play defense really, and his skill level isn't a top notch guy who's worth an additional 20-30 wins on a lottery team-fringe playoff team. But he'll be an excellent second banana somewhere. Really he just fits well with the Bulls, and most Bulls fans are desperate for any second star next to Rose. He's pretty much Toronto Bosh with way better passing, and more rebounding, but Toronto Bosh had like 30 more pounds of muscle and played inside.

And the team shoots a lot of jumpers but most aren't good-great at them. I mean Boozer didn't shoot 50% from the field and is becoming the next Euromire except he rebounds. Deng is an above average shooter when healthy but until his arm is fully healed....he's not. Jimmy hits wide open shots, and pulls off some nice shots sometimes, but he's gotta up that next season when the scouting report is out. Noah's midrange shot is cute. I mean it works sometimes, but it's not reliable. Overall, the starters need more scoring anyways..and the bench is probably redone next season again.

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