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Default Re: What do you look for when picking players in a pickup game?

I've always sort of been in camp with Diegio and Amberfire up there.

I like guys who know how to play. Guys who I think will be fun to play with. I always considered myself a passer, so I like guys who cut, move without the ball, find creases and nooks and crannys and drift to open spots around me for jumpers.

I like a team that's gonna be fun to play with. Although I will admit I do really enjoy playing with a big guy who really knows how to play. One that can play a little high post hand off with me. One who lets cutters work off of him in the low post. And most bigs like playing with me because I'm always concious of getting them the ball. But good ones that actually don't just shoot it upon touch aren't easy to find.

In my most recent playing excursion, when I blew out my achilles, I had found a team of grown men, we were playing in a men's league that was frankly way too young for us. "Men" was probably not accurate. But our primary four were 30, and 3 35s. Anyway, for the first time in forever, there was a guy that I felt was better suited to playing PG than me. He was a little shorter. A little better pure shooter. Not quite as good getting to the hoop or playmaking. So I stepped aside and played SG next to him. We didn't win much, in part because we were really thin on the bench in addition to being 10 years older than every team we played, but the two bigs both loved playing. We both were constantly looking in. But you could also play pick and roll/pop with either of us, and if I got into the lane and you gave me an angle, there were layups to be had.

The four of us got many compliments all season long in spite of our lousey record.
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