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Default Re: I love high quality pick up games!!

There really is nothing quite like getting a majority of guys who know how to play playing in a pick up game. It doesn't have to be everyone, but if you can get at least three on each side that really have an understanding of how the flow of the game works, it really does feel like a different game.

You need one guy with the ball, and the two others to know how to play without it. Weather that's off ball screening, or on ball screening with that third guy understanding how to move around into holes when help defense happens.

When I was coaching middle school, there'd be a few all star games after every season, and I'd have a couple kids selected. Occasionally I'd be asked to coach, but when I wasn't I always went, and I'd talk to my kids before the game. First, play hard. It's an all star game, you're gonna be shuttled in and out, so you may as well kill yourself while you're out there. Push the ball. And lastly, if you don't have the ball, or aren't getting it like now ... go set a screen. I always taught two things. Screen down, and screen away. Go find someone on the weekside of the floor and get him open. You'd be shocked how often you'll open up and find out you're the best option.

To me those are the fundamentals of playing good basic pickup basketball.
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