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Default Re: jason kidd a knick

I totally agree Rameek. I was just joking around. I could honestly care less. Doesn't move me one way. It would be incredible if we got a compensatory 2nd round pick and his contract voided out of this somehow lol.

I also agree about the whole coaching fraternity. People will point to a guy like Mark Jackson and question his experience, but I have no doubt that Mark was rubbing elbows and doing the necessary things to prepare himself to be a coach while he was broadcasting. I just don't see how Jason Kidd did the same given the fact that he was playing. Granted, he's one of the smartest basketball players to ever step on an NBA court and I don't doubt that he COULD do a good job, but it does seem like a slap in the fact to coaches who have paid their dues for a player, fresh off a playoff series, leap frogged them like that. Especially a guy like Patrick Ewing or Chuck Persons, Keith Askins or Brian Shaw.

Take for instance, the situation in San Antonio. This entire time, we've been led to believe that we shouldn't even bother interviewing Mike Budenholzer because he was the heir apparent to Popovich. Lo and behold, he just wasn't really getting the opportunities he deserved. Same too with Steve Clifford, who's been a well respected assistant for YEARS.
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