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Default Re: jason kidd a knick

Originally Posted by el gringos
You guys are all acting like business and life are fair- some people are special and their career path is different than those who work to "earn" it. Wod you ask Larry bird to be an assistant first? Would you ask John way to be an assistant gm?

Hiring Kidd was a great move- in a year I think most here will wish it were the Knicks who got in front of the game on that one.
I wouldnt put a basketball coach on par with baseball and football but there are so many intricacies that you are required to know and be in charge of. The guy just retired last month with no time to prepare to be a coach. Bird didnt become a coach as soon as he retired. You need time to plan and most cases time to experience.

You know the rumor on how Pat Ewing couldnt even run a shoot around successfully in Orlando.
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