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Default Do you rage when you're playing a competitive game?

I have never been as pissed off playing a video game as I get when playing 2K13 online. There are times where I'll get so pissed that I punch the couch or yell at someone close by for talking too much because it "ruins my concentration!"

@ myself. My wife gets irritated with me whenever I turn on 2K13 to play. She knows it will not end well.

I don't do it every time because there are times when I just play Quick Team Match-Up, which doesn't piss me off as much; however, when I'm playing a VS match or MyTeam mode or anything where it's just me versus one other person, I get frustrated easily.

An example of something that easily pisses me off is when I'm playing against a 3-pt cheeser. Every time they do a fade away 3, it goes in. I spot up, have wide-open shots, drive the lane, etc., and it seems like everything I'm putting up misses. I hate to rage quit but when it's obvious the game is over because this cheeser hit twenty 3's on me and I just can't make a run worth shit, I quit.

For those of you who don't get pissed off during competitive gaming too easily, what do you do to calm yourself down when things just aren't going your way? I promise this is the only game that pisses me off so much. Sometimes I ask myself why I still play it because no matter what I will encounter the cheesers who win by playing b.s. basketball, but I suppose I just enjoy the gaming experience too much.

@ myself.
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