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Default Re: How many guys can dunk in your local court (10 ft) in games?

The responses surprise me thus far. My "home" streetcourt is not in a basketball hub by any means, but in-game dunks are still something that happens with regularity. I mean, I guess it depends on the night and who's there but when it's a normal showing, there's at least a few out there who are in-game dunking threats.

To get to the question though, I can in fact dunk at my local court in games. I love dunking so on one hand, each in-game flush is special. But on the other hand, it's happened a ton over the years, so there's a slight sense of normalcy there.

In terms of average street players, I'm probably in a good spot because I'm tall enough to not need super special situations to flush (I'm 6'3'') but I'm also short enough to not be awkward and slow. I don't frequently dunk in half court situations, but I'm usually able to carve out a fair amount of transition opportunities where I'm able to get a chance to elevate (filling lanes, catching outlets and attacking, creating turnovers). I know a fair amount of fellows who can dunk easily (and often better than me) but their in-game opportunities are limited due to their playing style.

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I've got probably 10 pickup game dunks in my career. And 1 in a HS summer league game. It still irks me that I never got one in a real game.
For some reason, I pictured you being taller, like 6'7''. Don't know where that came from.

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