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Default Re: Top 10 Worst of the Best MCs of All Time

This is why I flopped, I aint try to rap
Thought I could sell a mil.
sayin nothin on a track
I was really wrong
and this is the best song
so you can guess I'm trash
I want money and money is cash
green eggs and ham
You know who I am
I'm from the eastcoast
I like butter on my breakfast toast


I'm on the block holdin it down
I love my glock holdin it down (ha ha)
I love the hood cause the love is strong
it all good cause the love is strong (yeah)
you know me dogg, I'm livin my life
just me and my dogg, livin our life (let's get it)
I got that snow they shoot is up like a basketball
then pass my money back like a basketball (ay)
I'm on the street pushin all day
right on the streets pushin all yay
Yayo with the payroll
Then get my money together than I lay low


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