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Default Re: Welcome Back J.Kidd, as the New Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets

hi D12M, what's up?

well... i don't know how smart of a hiring this is, but i do know that they're locked in tight, now. no way in the world could they give kidd the boot in less than three years without looking like total arses.

who knows if kidd will be an effective coach or not? not me...! but i agree, he's definitely going to need a seasoned group of assistants to guide him through the first couple years.

it's a weird hire, but this is kind of a weird team. hopefully kidd can find a way to get something more out of these guys.

if this doesn't work then prokhy should probably just cash in. other than throwing money around, i really don't see the kind of vision, judgement and patience that i expected from the owner of CSKA. throwing money around backfires pretty easily in today's NBA, tho.
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