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Default Re: why do jordan spiz'ike's cost more than retro air jordan's?

Originally Posted by DuMa
nothing jordan brand does for their price range make any sense. they just charge the highest price they can imagine and it doesnt matter. people will buy it anyway

Due to the fact that I'm one of the Jordan brand's hypnotized b*tches, I thank them for their generosity in not raising the prices even further.

They could get away with jacking up the Air Jordan Retros to $200 and still sell out every time. So, I honestly don't know why they don't do that and price everything else in their line just below it.

I genuinely like the way most retro AJ's look and will continue to purchase my favorite models.

I also like a non-AJ shoe that no one else seems to like. It's the only non-AJ shoe I've purchased since it was on sale for $99. The Jordan Flight Luminary.

The comfort is amazing when you try it on for the first time but the more I wear it, the more I hate how high it is though. Definitely not a shoe to play ball in either as the ankle support is flimsy.

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