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Default Re: why do jordan spiz'ike's cost more than retro air jordan's?

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
Due to the fact that I'm one of the Jordan brand's hypnotized b*tches, I thank them for their generosity in not raising the prices even further.

They could get away with jacking up the Air Jordan Retros to $200 and still sell out every time. So, I honestly don't know why they don't do that and price everything else in their line just below it.

I genuinely like the way most retro AJ's look and will continue to purchase my favorite models.

I also like a non-AJ shoe that no one else seems to like. It's the only non-AJ shoe I've purchased since it was on sale for $99. The Jordan Flight Luminary.

The comfort is amazing when you try it on for the first time but the more I wear it, the more I hate how high it is though. Definitely not a shoe to play ball in either as the ankle support is flimsy.
I hear they are raising the price of J's now though. I refuse to buy another pair of 400% markup shoes but I'll let a fe,ale buy them for me, haha.
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