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Originally Posted by Go Getter
They have a solid nucleus that won't make any big waves unless they make some moves. Rubio/Love/etc is a good combo but nothing that will ever sniff a title.

Rubio, Love, Pek may "never sniff a title" so long as their supporting cast stays the same...

But what happens if/when they add quality SG and SF to the rotation, plus a strong backup big man?

Every team needs 2-3 stars (Wolves potentially have 2, depending on Rubio's development) and some strong complimentary pieces (Wolves currently only have 2.. Pek and Ridnour as a great PG off the bench). They are lacking more in complimentary than they are in star, IMO.

Edit: Sign: Redick, Iggy, Barnes, Dalembert. Suddenly they have a solid rotation. If Rubio develops into a star (aka: Shoots 42-47%, hits 35-40% from 3, maintains assists and steals) then that's a pretty formidable lineup
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