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Originally Posted by kshutts1
Rubio, Love, Pek may "never sniff a title" so long as their supporting cast stays the same...

But what happens if/when they add quality SG and SF to the rotation, plus a strong backup big man?

Every team needs 2-3 stars (Wolves potentially have 2, depending on Rubio's development) and some strong complimentary pieces (Wolves currently only have 2.. Pek and Ridnour as a great PG off the bench). They are lacking more in complimentary than they are in star, IMO.

Edit: Sign: Redick, Iggy, Barnes, Dalembert. Suddenly they have a solid rotation. If Rubio develops into a star (aka: Shoots 42-47%, hits 35-40% from 3, maintains assists and steals) then that's a pretty formidable lineup

Not saying they are scrubs because I kinda like all three of their games but compare that team with the top 3 or 4 teams of the NBA every year and they don't measure up. Having those three as your team's best is not going to make any waves in the NBA it looks like.
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