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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

That line,

When will it ever go out of style?

No I didn't even try for a pair. I changed my mind on them about a week back. I saw a couple youtube vid reviews of them on feet and didn't like the suede material. It has more of a furry texture to it with spots that look like scuffs. I much prefer the white Grapes if I ever got the Grape 5's. Blacks would be better if they released in leather. Or at least tolerable if they just used the smooth suede on the metallic 5's.

I'm going to try for the Playoff 8's through a raffle on the 29th. If I can't get those, I may give up on buying J's altogether until I can get a shoe store connect that will hook me up like I know they do for some people.

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