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Default Re: Article: Steve Nash expects to be healthy for the Lakers next season

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Kobe would agree with me, the season you describe is failure, we are NOT the Hawks, Clippers, Bucks......or most of the NBA franchises.
If we had Kwame, Smush and that crew I would feel differently.

Firstly, Kobe's an extremist

Secondly, sure our roster is much better than that of a Kwame, Smush, Cook, Mihm, etc....but its most certainly not a championship team either. Here are my reasons:

a) Nash, as a whole, has had a great career and nearly single handedly took some teams deep into the playoffs. Now he is 38 years old. He is still a pretty good point guard, but not championship caliber, unless of course he came off the bench. Not going to happen though.

b) Kobe Bryant, same as Nash. I don't think he will be entirely the same when he gets back. He has slowly declined so much that year by year, it doesn't look much different from the previous year. But when you look back to the last time they won a championship, he was much better than he is now. This injury has pretty much cemented the decline. He is still a championship level player, but not as a superstar. He'd win championships with one or two superstars on the team that are ahead of him as far as command.

c) Pau Gasol is a very good player, but his constant failure of toughening up in the playoffs has cost us and it has been very expensive.

d) Dwight is leaving, and if he doesn't leave, I doubt that both, laker fans and himself will recover from all the crap. Would you be best friends again with your ex best friend who screwed your wife or gf? I would think not. He's done here.

So with this being unnecessarily debated, why SHOULD this team be considered championship caliber? It can be pretty good DK. I just can't see this current roster winning.
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