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Originally Posted by kshutts1
If I were Wolves GM I'd laugh at that offer... but I don't value unproven "assets" as much as most (stupid) GMs do. And quite frankly, Boozer's contract is bad enough where most teams would insist on a pick anyway, just for taking him off our hands.

I just don't understand trading a good star player (Love) for assets.... which you hope turn in to a good star player. Why trade away what you ultimately want the assets to turn in to? Makes no sense, unless you're rebuilding.. but then look at how Love is locked in for a couple more years, and the team has a solid young nucleus. Just doesn't make sense to me.

Love has said to be very frustrated with the situation in Minnesota. He's been there for a number of years and hasn't really had any success. Being on the Olympic Team and being an All-Star has had him being surrounded by a lot of other star players who have all done some winning in this league or at least been to the playoffs a couple of times. Sure Rubio is a decent player, but I don't see him ever being an All-Star.

Love wants to play with another star and him and Derrick have a good relationship and even train together in the offseason.
I'm not saying Love coming here would happen because of these reasons, but it is a possibility.

Minnesota would be willing to trade him if they believe he's inclined to leave them they won't want to lose him for nothing.

Boozer will be a big expiring contract and in the mean time can still produce a double-double on a team like the Wolves.
Mirotic is a young guy with some potential who plays on the Spain national team with Rubio I believe. If Love leaves Rubio will be the face of the franchise and they will want to keep him happy. Bringing in Mirotic might do just that.
Charlotte pick could end up being a very high pick in a high quality draft.
I would even throw in an additional future 1st of ours.

Not saying it would definitely 100% be accepted. But I don't think the Timberwolves laugh at this offer by any means. I think they would strongly consider it.
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