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Default Re: Article: Steve Nash expects to be healthy for the Lakers next season

First and foremost, you have to spend your money wisely.
You have to have a REAL NBA head coach to lead the team.
I guarantee you that if you gave me a car twice as fast as the competition I couldn't win a NASCAR the idiot who put that moron 'Antoni in charge of the most talented Lakers team in history, has himself to blame for failure.

Of course this Lakers team can win a championship, all they need is a real coach and a few minor additions such a shooters. We were considered a near lock to make the finals when the season started.....the talent didn't change, the coaching just failed. It would be like me as a failed NASCAR driver blaming the great car I was foolishly given.
Switch teams, give 'Antoni the Spurs and Coach Pop the Lakers this year.....Spurs would've missed the playoffs and Lakers would be in the finals.
Kobe wouldn't have been worn down to the ground, Dwight would be in the low post dominating.

The CBA will have absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers future ability to dominate. Having an idiot for an owner and an incompetent coach will.
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