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Default Re: New ESPN report: Dwight wants to play with Chris Paul in LAC

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I've always said that out of the list of so-called "superstars" in this league, that Dwight is the bottom on that list. He's not worth the money or the trouble, especially if we can go after someone more reliable than him.

Big men are valuable yes, but only if they know what to do with the rock once they get it. People think he had a good offensive game but its not true. The only thing that improved from when he was a rookie offensively, was his shot attempts per game, and thus, points. He has done nothing to improve in that area.

I trust the lakers will know exactly how to manage this situation once time begins to run out and players begin to find new homes.

I am ok with him leaving and a part of me thinks he should the playoffs when every possession is valuable opponents can just foul him and get .50% chance he will miss atleast 1

1 thing i wont do is do a S&T unless its like Nash where you rob the other team...

i dont think griffin/bledsoe is a package i would do...griffin is worse than's zero defense...doesnt rbs.....
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