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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

Originally Posted by 9512
In my experience liberties and roles in pickup games are determined by stronger personalities not necessarily the best talent.

I find that to be true at times too. A strong personality can go a long way... especially with younger guys or guys who don't play that often. A lot of times there is that one crazy guy who comes in that everybody thinks is a total joke because he's really not that good but nobody ever says anything to him... maybe because nobody wants to ruin the entertainment I kind of have developed a strong personality being pretty vocal and it's amazing how much more respect I get... I suppose me being a student of psychology goes a long way in that. When you know what people respond to and how not to be overwhelmed by the psychological aspects of the game which includes dominance and ego drive... the whole game really slows down and you think a lot less. Everybody appreciates someone who hustles tho... that's a given.

In response to the OP... I think the thing to adjust your game to is physical capabilities. If are super athletic then you can tailor your game more around using that... and if you aren't then it makes more sense to be more patient and technical. I'm not super athletic at all so I use shots like floaters and pull up jumpers because layups in traffic when you are 5'11, have short arms, and not much hang time = not the highest percentage of success.

I used to not be able to do crossovers effectively and my handle was kind of inconsistent... after months of practicing though I have found that although I am not the quickest guy yes I can cross people up, use hesitation moves to fool them, and blow by them because they have to worry about that other stuff. I think it makes sense to make the technical aspects of your game as sound as possible... make sure you can shoot well from anywhere, can handle the rock, able to spot other's weaknesses, etc.... make sure your mental, psychological, and technical abilities are as good as they can be because those are things everyone can work on. Physically we all can become more athletic and explosive, but there is limit to it. Putting in more reps isn't going to help you with that... but it definitely will in terms of the other aspects of game I mentioned.

And as for the role thing... you can always look to expand your role. Having more tools = better success for the team if you still stay within your role. Pick up ball is one of those things where you just sort of figure it out as you go and if you play at the same place you know how certain people play... but I mean pick up ball is one of those things though where no roles other than who is the main ball handler are defined sometimes ... It's hit and miss. In organized ball though teams work the most efficiently when everyone knows their roles and doesn't play too much outside of their role. Like I said though, I mean if you are just purely a shooter... by developing the ability to take the ball off the dribble when people close on you... that just opens up the floor and should make things easier for everyone. By being purely a shooter and then trying to be a one on one player... now that's a different story haha.

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