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Default Re: The floater... learn it

Originally Posted by Pushxx
I dunno why people think it's so difficult.

It's not super high percentage but because defense doesn't affect it much, it's a very consistent shot. Good to have in your arsenal.
Right. It can surely be harnessed but as others mentioned it can be difficult to master. That's why I feel it's a worthy shot to develop but should not be readily replacing finishing at the hoop or pull up jumpers. Instead, it should be a complement or addition to those move possibilities. And I think most would agree to that idea, it just seems some begin overly relying on the float piece when easier and more effective options may have been available.

I guess to put it another way, if Tony Parker came to a random open gym or street court, I trust you'd see his floater tendency plummet, meaning he'd be firing a much smaller number of those and a much higher number of the easier shots he'd be provided - layups and easy jumpers. I believe Parker currently shoots numerous floaters because at times it's his only logical option against stifling NBA defenses - not because he just loves the idea of them. So again, I think it's a good shot to have in the repertoire, but for the average player, I do not envision a ton of offensive scenarios where it'd be the only logical (and highest percentage) option.

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