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Default Re: Article: Steve Nash expects to be healthy for the Lakers next season

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
You do bring up a good point. Nothing is said here that I don't agree with. However you are discussing the team of the 12-13 season. I am discussing the future. I believe age has factored in even more this upcoming season and that it would now take more than just a great coach, to bring this team over the hump. One more major injury and Kobe is done. I don't care what kind of "final chapter" propaganda he's making here. He cannot play the same way or he will end his career before we want him to. If that happens, no championships until our next savior comes in.

I AM taking about the upcoming season.....a coach who knows the game and how to coach in the NBA plus a couple shooters is all this team needs to win a title. ANY player in the NBA could be 1 injury away from ending or diminishing their career....How old was Oden, Derrick Rose, Bynum etc...
Kobe CAN play the same way, just no as many minitues as dumbass played him to lead to injury. I feel that no matter what happens that we have as much talent ad the Spurs.....but absolutely no coaching.
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