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Default Re: New ESPN report: Dwight wants to play with Chris Paul in LAC

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I personally think that a Dwight for Griffin trade is a sideways move. Think about this and ask yourself, how does it make the team better?

A low IQ athletic big man for a low IQ athletic, shorter, big man.

In fact, I think it's a downhill trade. We lose more with Griffin on the team. Dwight does not have high bball IQ or any range on his jumper, but he is the best rebounder in basketball, top 3 post-defense presence in NBA, and has rare athleticism. Griffin only falls into the latter 3rd category of rare athleticism.

BTW - I still think Dwight will stay with Lakers. Everything that I have seen from him on twitter has seemed like he is staying. When people ask him what team he is going to play for next year, he usually responds with "LOL, r u serious?" or simply "lol". You guys do know that he is not allowed to say anything until July 1st of what team he will sign with, right?? Even if he wants to re-sign with Lakers, he cannot say it UNLESS if he is willing to sign an extension. He wants whole new 5yr contract not 3yr extension or w/e on old contract. If he wasn't going to stay, he wouldn't respond at all to those people - he would not respond w/ sarcasm

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