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Since Charlotte drafted my two favorite UConn players, Okafor and Kemba, I have always had some interest in them. I think the Bobcats are better off taking Oladipo, and here's why...

This draft is not very good. No matter what, you know Oladipo will be a high-caliber defender. But defense also happens to be the center point of MKG, which is exactly why they should go for Oladipo. In my opinion the Bobcats have to be looking at the 2014 draft. They've sucked forever, sooner or later they have to get that elusive #1 pick. There are two very probably situations that may occur.

1. Charlotte gets #1 pick, takes Wiggins.
2. Charlotte is lower, gets Julius Randle.

Now the first scenario is what I think will happen next year. And really, it does not make much sense to have MKG and Wiggins on the same team. But by taking Oladipo, you retain that elite wing defense MKG provides, while making MKG expendable. And if Eric Bledsoe is any indication MKG would be pure gold on the 2014 trade market. Could probably even get some package together for Love. Walker/Oladipo/Wiggins/Love/scrub is a damn good team.

And if scenario #2 happens? Just ask LeBron and D-Wade how much they like being defended by Green and Leonard. Oladipo and MKG would be even better. Kemba Walker is a legit #2 scoring option, and you don't see it much these days but Randle can be your top scorer in the post. I truly believe he is the next best PF, only behind Duncan, KG, and Dirk. Walker/Oladipo/MKG/Randle/scrub is also good, but not quite as good. If Oladipo retains his high percentage scoring ability and if MKG develops enough offense to be considered a third option, then the team is looking good.

And even if these two scenarios do not happen, there is always Jabari Parker. Being a local Dukie, going on to play for the hometown NBA team may put a few more fannies in those seats. Not to mention he also happens to be a damn good player. Really, it should be the goal of the Bobcats to be one of the three worst teams next year. One more year of sucking Bobcat fans, it will be worth it.

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