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Post Why is everyone dismissing the Pistons when Big Ben left??

I don't understand how every sports analyst does not see the Pistons as still a power in the East. Granted, Big Ben was a big loss but he's on the downslope of his career. Let's examine the other 4 still there:

1)Billups- 2nd best PG in the NBA, clutch

2)Rip- Great conditioned shooter, one of the best mid-range games

3)Prince- Maybe the most versatile SF in that he can shoot, defend, rebound, and dribble(very underrated)

4) Rasheed- Could be a star if he wanted to be big guy w/ a J and toughness

5) Anybody that can defend and rebound( Mohammed)

Thats one of the best starting 5's in the L and its better then the Bulls in every position but center. Everybody is hyping them up too much and I feel the Pistons can still win a championship w/ this team. Just want your thoughts on this
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