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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

First of all none of this is stupid. Second, you are not "****ed". You will more than likely be temporarily ****ed. Keep working if you have a family and kids. They come first. So you can't just quit and do something else.

Next, find someone you can talk to, a career counselor maybe? Look for things you'd do as if you were unemployed. Then make a plan. There are some jobs that start off shitty (like you say now) but long term will work out better.

How about a city job? If you are going to work long hours for little pay city jobs have much better benefits.

And note: It sounds like you are not trying to be a cop because people told you that you can't. Until you try and fail i don't get assuming you failed.

And one last thing: drop the weed. People who are not achieving what they need to in life don't need weed.
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