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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

you're 23 years old dude, relax. you have no idea how young that is and worrying that you've fallen behind the socio-economic ladder game at your age is truly ridiculous. If you're not happy with your situation then make changes but I assure you that you're not a failure and you're not way behind. I'm not knocking police work but it's not like you're aspiring to be a surgeon, I don't know why you're comparing yourself to high school classmates who are working on their phd. Also who gives a f*ck what your high school classmates are doing? I understand capitalism has some inherent competition but it's really not a competition. I don't think reading "cop forums" is the way to pursue your interest in the police force either. In summation, you're tripping, it's a pretty natural part of being 23, but you're gonna be fine.
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