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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

its diffucult to avoid comparing yourself to your peers. especially when it seems as if eveyrone else is having some form of sucess, wether it be through graduating college or having a good job. believe me, i sit at my desk and feel frustrated because i've been too indecisive to follow through with school or acquring a better job. i've come to the realiziation that i will only move forward by setting firm goals and striving every day to achieve them. they dont have to be big, as long as there are milestones you can hit weeks or months down the road to feel that you're on path.

it sounds corny man, but you have to take whats yours and that involves affirmitive action. works when you trying to hook up with a girl right? telling her u like her wont work, instead you go for the kiss.

i'm a big f*ck up, and am still in a place where i dread everyday but im working towards getting a better and more stable job, and this serves as a "light at the end of the tunnel" type of thing. plus, i've been enjoying spending time with my family...somehting i never did before. it seems that your siblings and parents can inspire the greatest motivation/determination in you.
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