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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

Originally Posted by Scholar
I figured someone would get too curious and want to know.

In 2009, I got busted for possession of marijuana. It was less than 2 grams but the cops gave me a ticket anyway. The fine was just $109, but the charge was registered as a misdemeanor on my record.
In 2011, I applied for police training at my local police department and they told me that my possession of marijuana charge was potentially going to hold me back. I was recommended to keep myself crime-free and apply again in the near future.
Recently, I looked into it again on police forums, where real cops post, and they told me that my possession charge, though not serious, would affect my chances negatively. They informed me that I'd be competing against other candidates who don't even have so much as a speeding ticket on their record.
Lastly, because I had smoked for the last time (at the time) on Feb 18th, 2013, I was told that f*cked me up even more. Apparently, you have to be drug-free for a specific period of time. Most police departments expect a minimum of 3 yrs.

In short, I decided becoming a cop wasn't happening for me.

Edit: Not because I enjoy weed (I don't care for it much anymore) but because I know waiting another 3+ yrs while sitting on my ass isn't cutting it. I'd rather spend those 3 yrs striving towards a real career & not one where I'll forever be treated differently because of a pathetic charge on my record.

Thanks to everyone who responded. This site really does have some great members. You just have to look passed the plethora of garbage posters to find them but they're there.

Don't be a cop. There are a ton of other opportunities out there. Why are you so fixated on becoming a cop? Aren't there a ton of other jobs that are 'cop' like without actually being a cop?
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