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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Niko is right, weed has not been a good friend to you. Drop it.

Whatever you pursue don't forget to enjoy what you have. Young people in particular spend so much time working for and worrying about the future that the present flies by with hardly a notice.

Yes, my other married friends with kids always complain about the lack of time, they never watch TV, they never get to play with the kids, etc. You have time, jobs do allow you to go home eventually or weekend and at that time you need to do those things. if i need to lose an hour of sleep to watch Hannibal than i will lose the hour of sleep. If i have to go to 5am to work tommorrow morning to leave on time to play with my kids in the park then i will do so. Balance is important, without balance eventually you become a pretty crappy worker because health and concentration suffer.
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