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we need nobody we only need our coach to make sure our players stay healthy and not get injured.

We challenged Miami missing these 3 people

Hinrich - as much as he does not put up the stats he sure makes and impact
Bulls regular season record without hinrich = Less than 50% with hinrich +60%

Deng - a guy who is as leathal as anybody in the league shooting jump shots also adds 7+ rebounds from the SF possition, He runs slashing off the ball almost silently, No plays run for him yet averages 17+ points per game he gives alot of the people who need to show up at the end of the game a break cause he scores alot early in the game. This man is our guard for LEBRON JAMES and does a good job at it. 48 minute guy.

- Bulls GM said with DENG BOOZER AND NOAH healthy bulls won 85% of their games.... Thats a good stat if you ask me

- Derrick rose - the only guy who has won an MVP besides Lebron in the last 5 years? and youngest ever to do so WHAT WHAT?

These 3 people + the fact that Jimmy Buttler is still getting BETTER? and is already better than DWADE?
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