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Default Re: Article: Steve Nash expects to be healthy for the Lakers next season

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Another good point as well but I can make the argument that San Antonio has been the same exact for a decade. Pop probably doesn't even need to coach these guys because of how comfortable they are with each other.

And bear in mind who has been shouldering the success for the spurs. Green with his "out of mind" three point performance, and the Leonards and Neals of the team. Its a good young supporting cast. We don't have a good young supporting cast like that. Earl Clark has been up and down, Jodie Meeks is inconsistent....

Thats the difference between them I think.

I don't think you understand what the Spurs do. The Spurs work HARD to develop young players. They give EVERYONE serious minutes during the season. They do this because among other things it allows their veterans to rest, it allows them to keep their payroll down to have guys making 200k play as well as opponents guys who make 5 million. It also boosts their trade value which keeps the Spurs at the top. The Spurs spend big money on quality scouts, it shows and it pays off.

As for the Spurs being the same for years???? 3 guys? The rest of the guys who have been playing key roles over the years always change, to say Pop doesn't have to coach the team is one of the most off target things you have ever said. The Spurs bench would look the same as our....or worse if not for coaching and consistent playing time.
Do you really think any of our players is learning anything from our incompetent coach......ask Amare what he learned from the dimwit.
'Antoni makes players worse not better.
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