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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

Originally Posted by veilside23
^^ ... while bennett can score on all areas of the court defense is going to be his achilles heel ... he is a small zach randolph ... so i dont like his chances because he is a tweener ... we all see what thomas robinson is like and that goes with beasley and derrick williams as well. he might just as well be a heftier version of al thornton because they can score but 0 D .
He is far more skilled than Thomas Robinson offensively. I've seen that comparison quite a few times and I don't like it. Aside from their raw measurables, there isn't much of a comparison. I didn't like Robinson at all coming out of Kansas, because I felt he relied almost completely on his athleticism and strength, and that simply wouldn't work on the next level. Also, it took TRob three years to become a real impact player at Kansas.

I think Bennett is more intriguing because he really does have that combination of a large, athletic frame and a nice offensive skillset. Still, his defense is atrocious and he is undersized for the 4 (and can't play the 3 in the NBA). Also, unlike TRob, he doesn't seem to have that nonstop motor.

I think a Paul Millsap type player is a pretty good call. I absolutely do not think he will end up being the best player in this draft, which is quite underrated, imo. He may be ROY, but that insures nothing in the long run. It just basically means you were the most NBA-ready guy in the draft who may have also been brought into a good situation where he could succeed.

Lillard won ROY last season and, while I do think he has a bright future, I don't think he'll end up being the best player in that draft. I would even bet against him being Top 3 in that draft, which had a lot of talent throughout.

I still think Otto Porter Jr. is the most NBA-ready guy and he will probably have the most impact right out of the gates, especially if he goes to Washington, which is what I think will happen. He fits there like a glove.

Btw, DraftExpress has Sacramento taking Bennett. Something about being a smallish PF makes me think that might be a bad idea. I don't know... maybe it's just TRob carryover.
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