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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
1. You're a pompous d*ck.

2. Who cares about your doctorate program? Seriously, people find different successes in their lives, and if dude is serious about finding a job with benefits to take care of his son, then f*ck your doctorate program. Some people don't have time for that sh*t when they have other priorities. THEY NEED TO MAKE MONEY NOW!!! And under that predicament, he would be an idiot to pursue it when he needs some mula to take care of his kid. Different strokes for different folks: not everyone has the luxury to lounge around on momma's retirement income to f*ck off in school for 10 years. And you know what is even worst than your so call doctorate program: the chances of success are pretty low, so good luck getting that degree when you face a road block writing that dissertation.

3. If you are as smart as you claim, you would know for a fact smoking pot does not lead to a lack of motivation based on the evidence. It's a correlation; it is not a causation. There are a lot of evidences to back this up. You can literally correlate ANYTHING to a lack of motivation (smoking, drinking, playing videogames, spending time with sports, etc.), so the argument in and of itself is a fallacy. For someone aiming for a doctorate, it is ludicrous you would fall for this crap.

LOL look folks, an offended pothead

blame the 1% like most of you losers do.

keep smoking too, you'll get quite far in life, trust me. i see lots of success coming from a guy filled with such hate. hate over an opinion i started with "i believe....".

and i love the assumptions you make Mr. Scientist, none of the money i've used came from my parents but rather student loans and grants. I'm going to be in 90k dept with 6.8% apr on day 1 from unsubsidized stafford loans, but i'm sure that means nothing to you. i'm only explaining you this because apparently everyone who goes on to higher education is spoiled lol

and why do you think i'm a pompous d*ck? because i gave my OPINION on weed and addressed the OP's question? too funny,

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