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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
That study is from the government.

You do know the governement claims marijuana is bad for your health, but has a patent for medical use right? That's hyprocrisy, so I'm going to take all their so call scientific studies with a grain of salt. It's a fact using a lack of motivation is flawed premise. You can literally correlate anything and say it leads to a lack of motivation. Why? The term "lack of motivation" is open ended (think the term terrorism), so you can configure the meaning in whatever way you want to fit your premise.

Another blemish in your intelligence Mr. Doctorate.

So now all college/graduate research is discredited because it's published by the "government"

Also, psychological tests do not isolate variables outside of 1. random sample 2. treatment/no treatment and a few other factors... it is impossible to only have one variable when measuring such causes. They're qualitative studies, not quantitative...

And again, i'm not even saying what i posted is the truth, it's just something i believe in. I smoked for a while, and it help put shit behind me. I felt that it allowed me to mellow down and i made that statement/post earlier from personal experience. Since you went on to pretty much flame me on my personal beliefs to a ridiculous point, i searched and found plenty of research that supports that stance. But to no surprise you discredit it.... no arguing science against a guy who wont accept primary published material.


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