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Default Re: Is anybody else at a crossroads in life right now?

Originally Posted by StocktonFan

So now all college/graduate research is discredited because it's published by the "government"

Also, psychological tests do not isolate variables outside of 1. random sample 2. treatment/no treatment and a few other factors... it is impossible to only have one variable when measuring such causes. They're qualitative studies, not quantitative...

And again, i'm not even saying what i posted is the truth, it's just something i believe in. I smoked for a while, and it help put shit behind me. I felt that it allowed me to mellow down and i made that statement/post earlier from personal experience. Since you went on to pretty much flame me on my personal beliefs to a ridiculous point, i searched and found plenty of research that supports that stance. But to no surprise you discredit it.... no arguing science against a guy who wont accept primary published material.


The government has no credibility when it comes to pot.

1. They have a patent for medical marijuana use.

2. They are claiming it is bad for your health.

Contradiction = no credibility.
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