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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
Len is the most overhyped player in the draft. His advanced stats suck, he already has a stress fracture in his ankle, and if he isn't getting fed the ball he just disappears. Bonus: He's a sh*tty rebounder.

He's going to have a better rookie year than Noel but i think Len's ceiling is a mediocre starting center. Cody Zeller and Steven Adams both have a decent chance of turning out to be the better prospect than Len.
Depending on when Noel comes back, I'd be sort of surprised if Len was better than him out of the gates. Len is considered a project himself and he doesn't have any one skill close to as refined as Noel's shot-blocking. If Noel does come back around Christmas and is completely healthy for the 2014 portion of the regular season, I think he will immediately cause problems around the rim for opponents.

I just don't see Len really shining in any aspect right out of the gates. He's very raw, really on both ends of the floor.

And that stress fracture really bothers me. I'm actually more concerned about that than I am Noel's ACL. Stress fractures can get very tricky, especially for a guy that big.

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