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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

I really like Bennett, but I've got concerns about the tweenerishness as well. Although mine are more at the other end. I don't see any way he can consistently guard SFs, especially in a league that's getting smaller.

But I have said in my big mock draft that I do think he's the best Bucket Getter in this draft. He will get points. The Rodney Rogers comp is very reasonable, and although Rogers had only a good pro career, not great, he lasted a long time as a guy who could create mismatches at one end. And it's not a knock. Rogers was nothing short of a great college player.

You guys should check out the mock draft I posted in the Draft Forum. It's a little dated now because I did it before the ping pong balls came out, but it still has a rough take on almost all the prospects from the info available at the time. And there's enough there that you can certainly find something to call me a moron for if you like! Very exciting stuff.
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