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Default Re: Article: Steve Nash expects to be healthy for the Lakers next season

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I don't think you understand what the Spurs do. The Spurs work HARD to develop young players. They give EVERYONE serious minutes during the season. They do this because among other things it allows their veterans to rest, it allows them to keep their payroll down to have guys making 200k play as well as opponents guys who make 5 million. It also boosts their trade value which keeps the Spurs at the top. The Spurs spend big money on quality scouts, it shows and it pays off.

Quick story on that. A friend of mine in his late 20s plays basketball on the streets (never played on NCAA stage). He also played in some minor leagues someplace. He wanted to tryout for NBA teams to see if he could get even an opportunity. He sent a tape of his moves and game to every nba team.

Out of every team, only ~5 teams got back to him. Nobody called him to speak with him except for one team. The San Antonio Spurs. One of their scout members spoke with him for over one hour on the phone. They asked him everything about who he is, what his life goals are, and what he plans on doing. They asked him questions about his basketball knowledge and what he would do under certain scenarios. At the end, they told him to keep working at it and basically said no.

But think about it - NO OTHER TEAM spoke with him but Spurs. And ONE HOUR conversation! This guy is off the streets working at some gas station with visa problems. Spurs take the time to speak with him. Most other teams don't even take the time to respond to his tape and handwritten letters. This shows you how top-notch the Spurs organization and their scouting department is.

This is exactly how they find guys like Danny green, Neal, Ginobili, etc. These no-namers that other teams pass up.

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