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Default Re: How do you stop this VERY FAT and TALL guy DOMINATING in streetball?

Front him because that makes him have to work to catch the lob pass. He would have to jump because the entry pass would have to be lobbed over you. This would make it very hard for his conditioning as the games go on.

Front his strong side. If he's right handed, front that side. He has to use some sort of leverage for position. He's not going to want to catch a lob with his weak hand and he's not going to want to have his strong hand in the back to catch either.

Make him work on defense and get him to come out of the paint. He will get tired. The man he's covering should be hitting those mid range shots.

To be honest you guys should be able to beat him because he's slow and can't play defense. If you can consistently hit your shot, it's over for his team.

He is a huge liability on defense, for the guy he's covering. If he was covering me, it would be over. Let the guy he's covering dominate the ball and shoot those mid range. Turn it into a one on one game and rebound for your teammate.
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