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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
They have the top pick. Do they need a smokescreen?

This is just how the Cavs operate. They did the same thing in 2011 with the top pick. Even though Kyrie was the obvious choice, he didn't even know for sure he was going No. 1 until they called his name at the podium.

Thing is, the Cavs also have three other picks in this draft, which they will almost certainly use to move up, possibly into the late lottery.

By keeping other franchises on their toes, they are able to obscure their real targets, not just for the No. 1 pick, but for that second First Round pick, which may end up being No. 13 owned by the Mavs.

Also, it makes teams think that maybe they have to move up to get the guy they really want. It could open up potential trade possibilities.

Point is, the Cavs have nothing to gain by releasing their real intentions. There are possible positives to throwing teams off. To be totally honest, I think they enjoy keeping everyone (especially the media) in the dark to a certain extent, as well.

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Doesn't sound like Orlando wants Burke despite pg being their biggest need obviously. McLemore is out of shape. Teams aren't too impressed with that.

Look for the Jazz with their extra pick to move up. They've worked out at least 3 guys projected higher than their top pick, Zeller, McCollom(who I think should be their guy if they can get him) and MCW.

Interestingly enough, I sort of see Burke as a Jameer Nelson caliber player on the next level. Maybe a little bit better, but not worth the No. 2 overall pick in what I think is an underrated draft class (much in the same way 2011 was underrated).

I'm not big on McLemore. His advanced stats are very pedestrian and he has trouble creating his own offense. He also looks to me like a guy who can only play the 2 on the next level. He doesn't have the ball-handling skills to spend time at point and his smallish frame will not allow him to guard the 3.

Versatility is huge in today's NBA and I just don't see it in McLemore.

Who do you see Orlando going with?

I think Zeller has become a real bargain. Before this past college season started, he was considered a sure-fire Top 3 pick. He had sort of a rough Sophomore year, but he also had a lot of focus on him from opposing teams and, even when he wasn't making the play, that attention allowed Indiana to be one of the best teams in the country.

DraftExpress has him going 11th to the Sixers. That would be a huge bargain, imo.

One last note on the Cavs... I think the lack of buzz around the Cavs and Otto Porter Jr. actually increases the likelihood that he's in the mix at No. 1. As we know from the last two drafts, the names that are "out there" for the Cavs are almost never the guys they take. Waiters didn't even visit Cleveland last year. Thompson shocked everyone at No. 4.

Porter is maybe the best all-around prospect in this draft, he plays an absolute position of need, he seems to be the kind of high character/hard worker that the Cavs have focused on filling the team with, he has terrific advanced metrics, which the Cavs notoriously put a lot of stock in... If Noel has a medical red flag, he is actually the guy I'd expect them to go with, not Len.

Don't be shocked if an article comes out 24 hours before the draft that the Cavs have serious interest in Porter, just like what happened with Waiters last year.
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