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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
I'd actually prefer Bynum over Larkin as long as we're talking for the next couple of years. I still prefer Glen Rice Jr. to Franklin. I think Rice Jr. is going to be a steal. He's going to be a guy who can score right away for a team. If Cleveland really does take Len #1 that could shake things up. Someone like Trey Burke could potentially slide to us. It's a long shot but crazy things have happened in the draft before. I still like Shabazz Muhammad. I don't see why his stock is falling so much. The guy had a pretty good college season. He led his team in scoring and the won their division. He's going to be able to score at the next level. He's not the superstar that people thought he would be but he'll be a starter. He needs to learn how to use his off hand more, but so do a lot of college guys. If we don't get that player that falls to us, then I still like taking a gamble on him. At the begining of the season we all were talking about how if we could get a top 3 pick and having a chance at him how things could potentially turn around. Although the last couple of years the #1 high school recruit hasn't turned out as good as the #2, lol (BJ Mullens, Josh Selby, Austin Rivers, people could even throw Beasley in there...).

Shabazz can score, but it might be more like Nick Young scoring. He's among the lowest or the lowest in the SF crop as far as assists,blocks,steals and boards. He also turns it over more than he assists. He does score a lot(highest usage rate though) and gets to the line, which I like. He's a worker too.

I like Rice, so I don't have a huge quibble with that, but I definitely like Franklin better. His length and athleticism are something we really need, as well as his aggressiveness attacking the paint. Wouldn't mind Rice's shooting either.
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