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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

We can't blame anyone for where LeBron wanted to go. You really don't acquire superstars. They acquire you. That being said, the my disappointment with Glen Grunwald is his piss poor execution in acquiring role players.

He seriously put forth one of the laziest GM offseason plans and really had some people thinking it was a contending team. Then, the media had some people thinking the ONLY reason this team wasn't the ones playing San Antonio is because of Carmelo Anthony lol Let's take a look of what our supporting cast was composed of:

35 year old rookie PG playing SG, yet is reluctant to shoot.
40 year old PG playing SG, yet is reluctant to shoot.
39 year old Center who's never shown the ability to stay healthy.
The oldest player in the league
38 year old PF who was out of the league for 2 years
30 year old PF who can't stay healthy for more than 15 games at a time
Talented, promising 2nd year player coming off an ACL tear
Erratic backup SG who's great when he's hot and a liability when he's not
30 year old center who's production routinely declines in the post season.
30 year old guy who really has no position and is only good for open 3's
30 year old guy who is only known for overseas dunk contest
29 year old rookie who can be a spark off the bench but also disappears
35 year old PF off the street
28 year old middle of the road but solid PG


I think not
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