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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

i wonder if HK is playing games or if they genuinely didn't have enough info to extradite.. the charges of espionage are pretty easily dismissed i think by a neutral gov't but the theft of government documents is pretty much universal around the world im pretty sure. then again they might just be toying with the US and trying to extract a confession re cyber warfare like that last paragraph suggests

anyway, this was bound to dominate the news cycle for many more weeks, the Guardian (and to a lesser extent the Post) has been planning this thing for months -- Greenwald will likely be revealing more in the next week or so. he's always had major gripes with the MSM so he's probably looking (forward) to play it like a violin, let each exposure sink in for a week or so until it's just at the brink of being old news, then build into a crescendo to really emphasize the overall scandal

depends what else he's got in his pocket but everything he's said suggests that revelations so far are just the tip of the iceberg. lately he's continued to hammer home on the falseness of Obama's claims that a) nobody's listening to your phones and b) if they do it goes through a legal judicial process. his last two articles are about how empty that process really is given the rubber stamp nature of the FISA court.

im hoping the next series might well involve international / cyber warfare stuff. so far all i've really seen regarding "state on state" style spying is the UK/US maneuvers at the summit and the snapshot of "boundless informant" which tracks amount of data the US takes from each country

if the guardian starts wading into that territory, greenwald/snowden may have a tougher time denying those "harming national security" / "aiding the enemy" charges that so far they haven't slipped into. i still wanna hear all about it of course lol

edit: apparently iceland is also a conceivable destination, they aren't so friendly with the US after the financial meltdown left them in ruins tho they haven't committed to granting asylum. an icelandish business man supposedly had a jet ready to take Snowden straight there from the mainland before he took off to russia

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