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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Originally Posted by Clutch
Miami bought their team.
Only "home" players they have besides Wade are Cole,Chalmers and Haslem and neither of them really had a big impact in the Finals.

The most valuable players on the team were bought,thus the Heat bought their team.

Surround Melo with LeBron and Bosh and the Knicks are favorites to win the title too.

The thing is,even when we buy players we don't buy good ones. Signing Tyson was obviously a failure. Same with Kidd,Camby and the other old guys.
Besides Wade? He's their second best player and certainly is homegrown, supposed to be breaking down but still

Chalmers actually had 20 points in game 6, an elimation game, pretty much hit every shot he took, but I'd guess that wouldn't qualify as impact.

Bosh is basically a jump shooter who deosnt even lead his own team in rebounds depite playing center, laughable as being a major piece now.

What sad about it, saying the Heat bought their team when they have guys who's been their whole career when looking at the Knicks who's most tenured players is the one they bought.

Miami's homegrown talent has won them a ring before.

The problem is the Knicks tried to buy their ENTIRE TEAM....there has to be a mix.

Miami has a mix, and their stars trust their role players.

Chalmers must be better than everyone on the Knicks since he can go 7-11 in a game 6 win or die game 4-5 from three.

I dont think there is a team in the league with only one drafted player on it.
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