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Default Re: Official 2013 NBA Draft Thread - June 27, 2013, 7:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted by CanYouDigIt
OKC will look golden after this draft if they can...

Snag Kelly Olynyk
Amnesty Perkins
Sign Jarrett Jack to a Sixth Man Role
Sign Kevin Martin for lesser money


Olynyk would be a good fit. He could be a real solid rotation player like Nick Collison. BUT lets not forget why they have #12, trading Harden

Using the #12 is a waist imo. Trade #12, 28 & 31 for #3,4,5 and try to get Oladipo/Mac/Bennett.

OKC is sadly too cheap to amnesty Perk and to loyal to fire Scotty Brooks so how about a pick or two and Perk for Andy Varajao? (Basically Perk & picks dump em on a terrible team with some cap room i.e. Cle, Sac, Mil)

DO NOT RESIGN MARTIN He sucks and by suck i mean can ONLY shoot. Sucks at D, doesn't play physically, gets abused, not clutch, disappears too often. Also i get the feeling the fanbase was fed up after that putrid playoff run by him.

If you can dump Perk then i'd sign Tony Allen or try and get Al Jefferson.
#12,28,31, Dallas' 1st next year,Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones... Utah what do you want?

Basically my entire point on the Thunder Situation is
1. They already have a ton of young guys/trade chips
2. They only need 1 or 2 "real guys" Not a bunch of 20 year olds who don't see the court.
3. Trade Trade Trade OKC has pieces. Go get Bennett, Oladipo, Len

I just REALLY don't want to see them continue to stockpile. It's not football
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